Why Install Solar Panels?

Help the Environment.

Save Money.

Access to Government Grants that can help you pay to improve your heating bills.

Sell Electricity back to the National Grid



SRM Electrical Services are Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) certified independent installers of residential and commercial solar PV systems.

A typical estimate for a solar PV system can provide you with combined income and savings of over £1000 per year, which is linked to inflation, tax free (if installed on your home) and guaranteed by the Government for 25 years. You will also be saving over a tonne of CO2
per year!

Solar panels do not require direct sunlight to work. As long as you have a mostly unshaded Southerly facing roof, East & West are also OK, and there is daylight you can generate your own energy.

All products that we supply are amongst the market leaders due to their high efficiency and as a result provide significant environmental and economical benefits to the property owner. To guarantee and maintain the quality, all installations are carried out by SRM Electrical Services NICEIC accredited installers.